the perfect

The rental guarantee,
will make your business grow


You are offering them the security of obtaining solvent tenants and the peace of mind that in the event of any eventuality, Finaer will take care of everything, from any legal procedure, to the restitution of the property.


Every time you offer Finaer to a tenant, you give them the opportunity to access the largest number of properties on offer, with a lower initial outlay and without the need for additional bond and guarantees.

Choosing a Finaer as an ally is the right decision for your real estate

You will be able to expand your portfolio of potential tenants, incorporating profiles of students, professionals, foreigners, allowing you to carry out a greater number of operations.

It will allow you to streamline the customer selection process with a study of applications carried out in less than 6 hours.

You will have permanent and personalized advice.

More advantages for your real estate


Finaer offers you a Self-Management System for Real Estate Companies and a mobile App to process your guarantee requests. Result of study of applications in less than 6 hours.


A trustworthy guarantee capable of responding to defaults without excesses or delays. Solution from the first day to guarantee your efforts in front of the owners. With legal management service included and without limit.


Finaer does not focus on a few tenants; it facilitates access to rent for all, including students and workers with income abroad, which translates into more operations carried out.