How many guarantors can I contribute?

All that you want and / or are necessary to reach the Evaluation you want to have in order to access your ideal apartment.

What does legal advice include?

Legal advice on regulatory compliance with the rights of tenants before the Lau and the Civil Code until the signing of the lease.

What if I want to move in the middle of the contract?

The guarantee accompanies you to your new destination, it is mobile, it moves with you.

If I have a problem with the owner of the real estate agency, how should I proceed?

You must communicate with us by any of our means of contact, Chat, telephone, mail or RRSS. The sooner you let us know, the sooner we will solve it.

 How long does it take for the certificate to be issued?

If the documentation provided by you is complete, in less than 6 hours you will have the certificate.

What happens if I don´t have job stability? Do I still have support?

In order to access the certificate, you must be able to fulfill certain requirements.
If you are currently out of work, you can provide guarantors to your application to reach the required score.
If the instability situation occurs after contracting the guarantee, you will continue to have it.

Will I be able to have pets in my home?

That decision is up to the owner. Our guarantee protects you and the owner for any damage that your pet can do in the property.

How is the certificate issued, on paper or in digital format?

You will receive it in digital format, with a backup QR code.

 Is the certificate one-person or can it be a joint certificate of the people who want to rent the house?

The certificate will include the evaluation of all the people who want to rent together.

 If I am outside of Spain, could you advise me with the search for a home?

With the search for housing no. We can help you with our certificate and Guarantee so that you can rent.

If I am a student and do not have income, will the certificate go to my name or to my parents?

The certificatr is always in the name of who will be the tenant, but it may include the inclusion of one or more guarantors.

When is the certificate paid?

The service contract is for 5 years (or the duration of the contract).
It is paid annually.

 Can several tenants request the same certificate?

As long as they are Co-Applicants. They are part of the same candidacy, and therefore, they will be part of the intended rental contract.

What is the scope of Finaer warranty?

The Finaer guarantee covers non-payment of rents, without excesses or deficiencies as well as all legal actions and their costs, if any, and even supplies, (water, electricity, community expenses…) If this is reflected in the lease contract.

What does it mean that the Finaer warranty is free of deductibles or shortages?

The owner will not have to pay a minimum as a franchise to start any action, and will be able to enjoy these benefits from the first day since there are no periods of default in case of non-payment.

How long is the Finaer warranty valid?

The term is for one year, renewable throughout the entire contract period. If during the term there is a non-payment and it becomes a legal action, the term extends until the effective restitution of the rented property to the owner.

Are there forms of payment?

Yes. We have different financing plans, with the possibility of adjusting them to each specific case and which are informed when making the request.

Who should apply for the Finaer warranty?

The owner, the tenant or the realtor.

How do I request the guarantee?

You just have to access here, fill in the form and we will indicate the necessary documentation to start the procedures.

What documention does the tenant need to submit to obtain the Finaer Guarantee?

Only the strictly necessary that demonstrably proves that you have sufficient income to pay the rent. Check the requirements.

What happens if what is presented by the tenant is not enough to access a Finaer Guarantee to rent?

One or two co-applicants can be presented who with their income guarantee access to housing.

Can foreign students or workers access a rental? Can you get a Finaer Guarantee?

Yes, we have an exclusive and unique plan in Spain for foreign students and workers.

How long does it take to get approval for the guarantee?

Once the application is completed and the documentation about the tenant is attached, in just 24 hours, the guarantee will be approved.

I have a rent whose tenant has stopped paying, how do I proceed?

We must know this news through any of the communication channels with Finaer, whether by phone, email, WhatsApp or the website itself. The process will begin upon receipt of said claim and we will immediately carry out the steps so that the owner begins to receive the rent payment in the next 7 (seven) days. And so it will happen until the problem is solved with the tenant.

What happens if the tenant leaves before the coverage ends?

If the tenant leaves before the expiration of your guarantee, don´t worry, we will reserve that credit to cover the incorporation of your new tenant.

Can Finaer guarantee temporary rental contracts?

Yes, as long as they are under the LAU (Urban Leasing Law) regime. In other words, those for vacation rentals and / or room rentals are excluded.