the guarantee system
for rent

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What is FINAER?

System of Guarantees for Rent, aims to guarantee the rent, giving full support to the owner, facilitating access to the home for the tenant and speeding up the selection process to real estate agencies, thus providing benefit for all parties.


You benefit from the tranquility of:

Have a total guarantee of non-payment without limits, without excesses and without delays, in addition to having protection from intentional damages.

Contract with a selected and qualified tenant.

Have the peace of mind in the event of eventuality, Finaer will take care of everything, from any legal procedure, to the restitution of the property.


Expand its potfolio of potential tenants, incorporating profiles of students, professionals, foreigners, allowing you to carry out a greater number of operations.

Streamline the customer selection process with an application study carried out in less than 6 hours.

Delegate the qualification of the tenant to professionals in the field, within a market that will gradually unify criteria.


Benefits by having:

The opportunity to access a greater real estate offer.

Lower initial outlay, without the need for additional guarantees or endorsements.

Facilitate access to rent for Professionals, Executives, Students, workers who present income both in Spain and abroad.

The guarantee of renting

How does it work?

Request your warrantee
online or by phone

Just by sending us the
payroll of your future
tenant, we will carry out
a study and
evaluate it

And in less than 6 hours you will have
your garantee available

Find the home
you need

Request your guarantee

We help you in the
negotiations with
the owner

Access our
real estate self-management
system (SAI)

Enter the details
of the property, owner
and tenant

In less than 6 hours
you will have the result

Satisfied customers

Calculate the cost of the Finaer Guarantee by completing all the fields

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