Open banking Connect with your bank

It is safe?

Use Open Banking to complete your financial information automatically, without the need to send us documentation. This will allow us to verify your income and savings much faster.

Is Open Banking safe?

Yes, Open Banking is secure.
All companies that use Open Banking must be authorized by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Our connection is encrypted and protected by Equifax.
The access codes they use are for consultation only and are not stored anywhere.
Finaer cannot see your credentials or perform any operations from your account. We only have permission to read your banking information.

Who can see my Open Banking information?

Only the owners or agents with whom they share their Certificate will be able to see the information provided by their bank.
Finaer will never transmit your documentation to third parties. Only the handle to reinforce its analysis in the processing of the Guarantee.

Why do I have to give access to my bank?
Finaer requests access to your bank details in order to calculate your maximum recommended rent. We cannot act on your account. Just see your activity for the last three months. This allows us to verify your income and calculate your maximum recommended rent.

You can rest easy. Finaer security is:

  • Adjusted to the requirements of the European Directive PSD2.
  • Regulated by Spanish law.
  • Adapted to the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

Documentation delivery manual

If you prefer, also verify your financial situation by attaching the documentation. A person from our team will contact you to let you know what documentation you must bring and the way to do it. Our team will validate your profile in less than 6 hours.