ebi certificate - Finaer

Here everyone wins

Finaer, facilitating access to the rental

With the ebi-certificate,
moving house is easier

You rent with a lower initial outlay, without the need for additional bond or guarantees.

With fewer requirements.

And also you can access a greater offer of flats, without resigning yourself to a few options.


Independent and professional evaluation, which gives guarantees and security on the information provided.

Finaer default guarantee, up to 5 years (or duration of the contract).

Unlimited legal advice.

As an optional service, the tenant may request from Finaer the advance payment of the legal bond month.

Request your ebi certificate now

start your request from our page, providing the required documentation

your application is analyzed, thus obtaining the certificate of good Finaer tenant

once your home is chosen, the final guarantee is issued, the most complete on the market