Without limits, without franchises,
without delays, that's how Finaer is


Fast and personalized attention. You can contact us by any of the means: email, telephone, whatsapp and a person will assist you.


And if the unexpected happens and a tenant stops paying, we start working from the first day, immediately so that in less than 5 days you receive your rent without excesses or delays and without the need for a lawsuit, at first request.


No worries, because we will take care of the community´s supplies (water, gas and electricity), our guarantee is to protect the owners.


And with the assurance that the Guarantee will remain in force until the restitution of the property. Accompanying you at all times with our team of experts.

At Finaer our owners are calm

As an owner you will benefit from:

Have a total guarantee of non-payment without limits, without excesses and without delays, in addition to having coverage for international damages.

Contract with a selected and qualified tenant.

Have a peace of mind that in the event of any eventuality, Finaer will take care of everything, from any legal management to the restitution of the propety.

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